Sunday, July 18, 2010

Addy Walking

By now Addy's a pro, but we've been working on getting this good for about a month now. I didn't know that babies could walk by 8 months, but as with everything, Addy is proving us wrong! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

March through April!!!

Man, its been a while but this is what has been going on!

Just some cute pics!

Here is Addy in her Easter garb! We had a lot of fun getting her all dressed up and she cooperated! We had a very nice easter, just us, watched conference, made a big dinner and had some great family time! 
We were lucky enough to have Ben's parents and Sister+kids come and visit us in April! We had a really fun time visiting and Addy loves her cousins that she got to meet! This is a picture of Addy and her cousin Emmy!
Addy is one lucky girl, She has three cousins who are really close in age to her. Colin, and Lilly! I remember I loved having cousins close to my age growing up, some of my best memories are of cousin time!

Addy and her Grandma Grimmett! They finally got to meet and she just loves her Grandma and Grandpa!

It finally started to warm up this year and we were able to make it out to the river and have a picnic! Addy is about as excited to be there as we were! She absolutely loves her hiking backpack. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cousins and April

April is going to be so much fun!!! Between the sun coming out (fingers crossed, but it is Rexburg), and lots of visitors we are going to be busy! My parents are passing through on their way to Utah this Wednesday, and then hopefully my mom will be able to come later to babysit (aka get Addy to herself all day) while I do some spring cleaning. Also we finally get to see Ben's parents a few weeks after that! They are driving out from Indiana to visit see all the new grandkids including the newest, Sara's Lillian, who hopefully will be joining us sooner rather than later, hopefully by the end of the week! That will be 3 new babies in our family in around 6 months!

Speaking of cousins! We got to play with Ben's brother James' kids while he and his wife Sinead worked on their house this saturday. They have 3 really cute kids Carly 4, Sean 2, and Colin 6mos. Its really fun to see Colin and Addy together because they are only a month apart. here is a really cute video of them on our couch, filmed with our wonderful new camcorder (hurray for tax returns!) enjoy... its the one called Addy and Colin to the right!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Well Here we are two months later! Addy is now 5 months and eating "big-girl-food" she loves green beans but makes hilarious faces at just about anything else (besides bananas, but all babies love those). She is also sitting up on her own and rolling around all over the place, and I'm nervous to leave her anywhere except her crib because she is always finding some new way to cause problems when I'm not looking! I didn't think that phase even started until they were more mobile, but I stand corrected. She is also extremely vocal, much to my dismay in public, her new favorite thing is hearing herself make the highest pitch scream she can come up with whether she is happy or not, which always gets looks (and a few shudders). She is getting cuter by the day, however, and does the sweetest things when we play with her, giggling and squealing, and flashing that adorable smile every chance she gets! She is getting so big and is now only fitting 6-9 month clothes.
As for Ben and I we are also doing very well.

Ben got to meet a visual development artist from Pixar when he came up to campus and got some very good compliments on his work (which was very exciting for him), and will be going to San Francisco this summer on a school-study trip. We are also trying to beef up his portfolio to send in to Pixar for an internship again! He is also doing very well, and enjoying very much, his classes his semester, especially his sculpture and ceramics classes! I am very impressed with his Native American sculpture and can't wait to show it off to everyone, his ceramics class is also very handy because he is constantly asking me what I want for my kitchen for his projects...and I'm not exactly complaining :)

I am having a great time settling into my mommy-life and also trying to do a few things alongside. I am currently teaching a beading class at Porters (the craft store I worked at pre-Addy) and am having a great time! This has also sparked my interest in making and selling some pieces on , based on the reactions to some of the pieces I have been making lately. It is a great outlet! I also am getting into this food storage/coupon clipping/super mom, kick, which sounds cheesy but I totally get it now. I have recently discovered (thanks to some wonderful tips from friends in the ward) It takes too long to explain, but trust me, if you live in Idaho/Arizona/Utah, you need to check it out! Basically you get a TON of produce for hardly anything...enough said.
Other than that we are just waiting to figure out when we get to graduate and move on with our lives! Scary, but good. Rexburg is such a safety bubble for us!

Also I was finally able to get Addy's 5 generation picture. The events leading up to it were unfortunate, however. My Mom's brother Cory died a month ago of a heart attack. We were all very sad, but grateful for his memory and the time we had with him. It was so nice to have the family all together to support one another and to show support to his wife and kids, whom we love very much. This picture was bittersweet moment, but something very special for Addy and all involved. I am so grateful that Addy has this legacy of amazing women to learn from and to continue and pass on to her children, I really hope she comes to realize just how loved she is!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Video for Grandparents (disclaimer...don't watch if you get bored

Warning...this video is only intended for the very-easily entertained, grandparents, or those who don't get motion sick from shaky camera syndrome (we really need to get our camcorder charger, it is very hard to hold up a computer when your arm is getting really tired.)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We couldn't resist.
The Professor
One with a bow (just for you Dad...ha and you can't do anything about it)

Hey, Here are just some pictures of Addy.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Mesa Falls (Between Ashton and Island Park Idaho)

Dad and the Boys at Mesa Falls
Ben and I at Mesa Falls
The Buffalo River (where we skied), near Island Park, Idaho
Ben and I after skiing